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I have been painting since my childhood, my parents are both teachers. Since 2005, as an ArtDirector, I have coordinated the creation of graphics, animation and multimedia presentations for the business community. For several years of my painting I have been focusing on emotions. I love working with people and the fusion of energy from which I draw a lot. I desire to share what I have learned, that is way I have developed two group workshop programs.

• The aim of the first workshop: “Work on/with Emotion” is to make ones aware of the emotional energy potential that lies within all of us, and the one that we often confuse with our spiritual and intellectual sphere. This often generates frustration and confusion. Practical realization of what your emotions are, knowledge of how to call them and finally a spontaneous emotion release onto the canvas will help you to control yourself in the everyday life as well as at your workplace. Nowadays, the employers are aware of the fact that an employee is not a machine. An uncontrolled by the emotional feelings employee cannot work efficiently, which leads to conflicts in the internal and external business environment. They say that “a canvas, same as a paper, will adopt everything”, any good or bad emotion. The moment in which one liberates their potential will bring happiness and relief.

• The second workshop is called “Draw your idea”. How often do you want to say something and you are missing the words? How often have you struggled to explain something verbally, when the solution was to simply draw it? That is it.
Whenever creating the multi-media presentations, pictograms and logos in my everyday work I face the challenge of making the right choice of the visual message which would be the most complete, meaningful and understandable for the audience.
You do not need to be able to draw like Michel Angelo to show your intentions, sketch a plan, draw a strategy diagram or create a presentation. “A picture is worth a thousand words” – learn to talk less and say more.

References that I get from my business partners are the best proof of my efficiency.

One-day workshops are organized in small groups, at the location selected by the client. All materials (easels, paints, brushes, aprons, sketchbooks, canvases, multimedia equipment) are delivered by myself. A video or photos from the workshops that I can produce, could be a great tool for the internal PR and company branding.
All works created at the workshops are the property of the participants. They can adorn the walls of your offices, becoming the unforgettable mementos of the day and making their authors feel appreciated.

Interested? I do reveal all the details over the phone/email, during a meeting and in the workshop room itself obviously. Hopefully – talk to you soon …


Work on/with Emotion

Draw your idea